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Curiouser and Curiouser

Welcome to My playground

I was considered a genius from a very young age. Before I was even 21, I had completed Professional certificates in accounting & business launching And University level courses in financial advising! I am also currently studying Cryptocurrency technologies and Machine Learning.

I could have pursued any lucrative career of my choosing – but I decided to pursue my true passion : Dominating subs, and making them surrender to my will. Why should I settle for a predictable life when I can use slaves as my own little social experiments and Mold them exactly to my liking? Through lust, teasing, mental mindfucks, control, and pain, I will introduce you to my uncommon but unforgettably delicious world.

Watercolor Stain  _edited.png
Watercolor Stain  _edited.png
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Watercolor Stain  _edited.png

"Nothing makes me smile in genuine amusement quite like looking down at a squirming slave - and the look of worship they give me when they finally realize who owns them completely. "

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