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The Experiences

These rates are for my time and companionship only.

Whatever happens is the result of consenting adults.

I appreciate receiving the tribute in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of the meeting.  It can be put in a book or card if we are in public.

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 * 25% deposit is required before the session

"My preferred length when meeting new faces is 90 minutes, but I am open to shorter meetings too! "

"If you wish to extend our time, let me know as soon as your impulse strikes. Take care of the additional arrangement at that time.  Keep in mind I might not be able to accommodate your request "


30 MIN - 240 (not always available)
1 H - 360
1.5 H - 480

2 H - 720

3 H - 960

4 H - 1300

6 H - 1800

12 H - 2400

24 H - 3600

Hover this window for my limits



Golden Shower (My "champaign" can be bought in bottles, though!)

Blood play


No threats, aggressive behavior or violence towards me will be tolerated

Intimate, Kinky Experiences

You will not be disappointed to "mess" with me. I'll take you on an unforgettable adrenaline ride, and leave you weeping, gushing for air.

Impact play, humiliation, genital torture, edging, role play, worshiping, sensory deprivation ... all the rig ;-).

Lessons and Trainings

1) BDSM 101 - Social, no play
Learn the communication languages,  roles, power exchanges, introduction to impact play, and more.

2) Learn to Sub - Allow yourself to be controlled by someone you trust. 45 minutes class + 45 minutes play

BDSM 101

1 H - 200

Learn to Sub

90 MIN - 400

You can bring your partner, or I can guide you myself through each step of submission.



Explore vulnerability, sense differently, and let yourself be guided sensually through each step of submission...

Double Domme

1 H - 800

2 H - 1400

3 H - 2000

Lesbian D/s

1 H - 700

2 H - 1300

Ever wanted to see a lesbian dynamic? Well, now you can ;-)

They say "the more, the merrier".

They say "sharing is caring"

They say...


Bla, bla.

I don't need to convince you.

We know you want to play with Us.



1) Double Domme

Two Dominatrix tag-teaming you! Can you handle it?

2) Lesbian D/s

Take a pervy break. No touching! Sit back, look and learn while I play with my little Princess.


2 hours dinner + 2 hours "dessert" ;-)


I can impress anyone with my mind!


Need a stylist? Let's go shopping for you together!

Dinner Date

4 H ( 2 + 2 ) - 1000

Social time

2 H - 300

3 H - 450

6 H - 720

Style Shopping

1 H - 180

2 H - 300

3 H - 420




What if you wore a toy during dinner ... of which I held the remote?

shhhh ;-)

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" I am open to discussing other types of arrangements. If you serve me outside D/s, I might be open to negociating prices "

Let's play.

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